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ContactsX Free


※ Support language is only English.★ ContactsX is simple contacts app that designed for easy operation by one hand.ContactsX Free is trial version of ContactsX.Ads will be displayed after trial period of 3 days.
Details---------------------------[Group function - GROUP]● Group Folders feature● Group in the Contact List● sequence of regroup● Group send mail● Group SMS sending● Group ringtone setting● Group Show / Hide[Search function - SEARCH]● Name Search● nickname Search● organization Search● Phone Number Search● Email Search● prefix search● Partial match search● Search field default display / hide[Favorite feature - STAR]● Group mail transmission (favorite registered users)● Group SMS sending (favorite registered users)● Favorites simultaneously adding[Call history function - HISTORY]● call history filter (incoming / outgoing / missed calls)● Delete All Calls● Delete Call History (individual)● Delete Call History Group● the pre-submission telephone number editing● detailed view of the contact● prefix outgoing[Dial pad function - Dialer (Dialer)]● telephone call● Name Search (Hiragana Search 1 (alphabetical), 2 (Kakikukeko), 3 (Sashisuse-so), and 4 (us Tsute), 5 (I bran what), 6 (Wahifueho), 7 (Mamimumemo), 8 (Yuni by), 9 (Rariru Become bound), 0 (Waon) ※ voiced, semi-voiced, lowercase, including uppercase)● Phone Number Search● letters dial pad display, search (2 (ABC), 3 (DEF), 4 (GHI), 5 (JKL), 6 (MNO), 7 (PQRS), 8 (TUV), 9 (WXYZ) ※ lowercase, without case-sensitive)● size adjustment● search results a phone call from the plane● SMS from the search results screen● Email from the search results screen● detailed view of the contact● the pre-submission telephone number editing● prefix outgoing[Other]● Add Contact● Edit Contact● Add to Favorites● Add photos (selected from photography / gallery)● Delete photos● Phone● the pre-submission telephone number editing● prefix outgoing● SMS● Email● Copy● The default setting (phone number / Email)● Delete● IM information registration● Address registration, Google Map display● Event Registration● Memo● Web site registration, display● Add Group● Setting ringtone● Shared contacts (vCard format / text format)[Settings]● theme color selection (blue / pink)● text size adjustment (10 to 30)● index bar size adjustment● button position change (right / left)● Photos Show / Hide● system group display style (bold / red / blue / Normal)● search field default display / hide● Search target designation (nickname / tissue / phone number / Email)● selection of search method (partial match / forward match)● The default display / non-display of the call history filter● external application outgoing● outgoing confirmation setting● prefix registration / Delete / Edit● application termination message display / hide● Index touch setting● Hardware Acceleration ON / OFF setting● Support page
※ We carefully repeated the test, but the test in all terminal is impossible on the facts. Thank you for regular backups of contacts for any chance. Even if damage to the data we can not take responsibility.